Barbara’s Lifetime Concert List

18-Apr-82 The Police / Black Uhuru Meadowlands
8-May-82 Dave Edmunds / Roustabouts / Finn & the Sharks Oneonta
17-Jun-82 Squeeze / A Flock of Seagulls Madison Square Garden
1-Aug-82 King Crimson / Alleycats The Pier
Aug-82 Utopia The Pier
12-Oct-82 The Who / The Clash / David Johansen Shea Stadium
19-Oct-82 go•go’s / A Flock of Seagulls Madison Square Garden
24-Nov-82 Squeeze / The Beat / R.E.M. The Coliseum
Dec-82 The Furs / Gary U.S. Bonds / Steve & the Disciples Radio City Music Hall
22-Mar-83 The Beat / Chops Horn The Ritz
18-May-83 R.E.M. / The Individuals The Ritz
29-Jun-83 U2 / The Alarm The Pier
29-Jul-83 Peter Gabriel / The Call Forest Hills
10-Aug-83 Elvis Costello / Aztec Camera The Pier
12-Aug-83 Stray Cats / 14 Karat Soul Jones Beach
18-Aug-83 The Police / Joan Jett / R.E.M. Shea Stadium
22-Aug-83 Madness / Ministry The Pier
1-Sep-83 Culture Club / Nitecaps The Pier
24-Sep-83 The Alarm / Blue Miami The Ritz
4-Nov-83 A.P.B. / The Rescues The Ritz
18-Nov-83 Genesis Madison Square Garden
9-Dec-83 Big Country / The Elvis Brothers Roseland
7-Feb-84 The Police / Reflex Atlantic City Convention Center
16-Mar-84 UB40 / Urban Blight Roseland
5-Apr-84 Echo & the Bunnymen / Let’s Active Savoy
21-Apr-84 Urban Blight / Armband The Peppermint Lounge
9-Jun-84 Urban Blight / Beat Feet The Ritz
21-Jun-84 Joe Jackson / Ruben Blades The Garden
27-Jun-84 King Crimson The Pier
7-Jul-84 Urban Blight Prospect Park
13-Jul-84 Urban Blight / Floor Rise The Peppermint Lounge
17-Jul-84 R.E.M. / Dream Syndicate Good Skates
20-Jul-84 The Furs / Talk Talk The Pier
21-Jul-84 R.E.M. / Dream Syndicate Beacon Theatre
22-Jul-84 R.E.M. / Dream Syndicate Beacon Theatre
1-Aug-84 Difford & Tilbrook / 14 Karat Soul The Ritz
2-Aug-84 Difford & Tilbrook / 14 Karat Soul The Ritz
3-Aug-84 Difford & Tilbrook / 14 Karat Soul The Ritz
4-Aug-84 Difford & Tilbrook / 14 Karat Soul The Ritz
5-Aug-84 Difford & Tilbrook / The Force MD’s / Tommy Keene The Ritz
6-Aug-84 General Public The Ritz
10-Aug-84 Bad Manners / Urban Blight The Ritz
19-Aug-84 Echo & the Bunnymen / Fleshtones / Billy Bragg Beacon Theatre
8-Sep-84 Urban Blight / The Pedantics The Ritz
14-Sep-84 The Alarm / Urban Blight The Pier
12-Oct-84 A.P.B. / Ministry 2 Front 4 Front The Ritz
13-Oct-84 R.E.M. / The dB’s University of Bridgeport
20-Oct-84 Urban Blight / The Beastie Boys The Ritz
16-Nov-84 Violent Femmes / The Ben Vaughn Combo Irving Plaza
17-Nov-84 The Cure / Certain General Beacon Theatre
24-Nov-84 The Lyres / The Egyptians Peppermint Lounge
3-Dec-84 U2 / The Waterboys Radio City Music Hall
8-Dec-84 Red Hot Chili Peppers / Charlie Peacock The Ritz
19-Dec-84 The Replacements / Dumptruck Irving Plaza
26-Dec-84 Urban Blight / Oh Boy Studio 54
30-Dec-84 General Public The Ritz
5-Jan-85 The Neats / Low Life Peppermint Lounge
12-Jan-85 Beat Rodeo The Ritz
26-Jan-85 Urban Blight The Ritz
1-Feb-85 Raybeats / The Mosquitos Irving Plaza
22-Feb-85 Beat Rodeo Irving Plaza
27-Feb-85 An Evening with Sting The Ritz
15-Mar-85 Long Ryders / The Three O’Clock Irving Plaza
17-Mar-85 Chris Stamey / Ted Lyons Maxwell’s
28-Mar-85 UB40 / Pablo Moses & the Revolutionary Dream Band Beacon Theatre
1-Apr-85 U2 / Lone Justice Madison Square Garden
15-Apr-85 U2 / Lone Justice Meadowlands
19-Apr-85 The Minutemen / Persian Gulf Peppermint Lounge
27-Apr-85 Dead Kennedys / Butthole Surfers / Live Skull / False Prophets / ? Rock Hotel
5-May-85 Cause for Alarm Central Park
8-May-85 Hüsker Dü / The Neighborhood / Bite Like Kittie Peppermint Lounge
8-Jun-85 Butthole Surfers / Scratch Acid CBGB’s
13-Jun-85 Butthole Surfers / Chop Shop CBGB’s
15-Jun-85 True West / Dumptruck Peppermint Lounge
18-Jun-85 The Smiths / Billy Bragg Beacon Theatre
21-Jun-85 Beat Rodeo / Peach Fish Pie The Lone Star
28-Jun-85 UV Prom / Dexter Romweber The Riff (North Carolina)
3-Jul-85 The Lyres / The Reducers The Ritz
12-Jul-85 The Untouchables Danceteria
21-Jul-85 UB40 / Midnight Oil Jones Beach
23-Jul-85 Dreams So Real / The Nightmares Peppermint Lounge
1-Aug-85 New Order / Certain Ratio Felt Forum
10-Aug-85 Jason & the Scorchers / Beat Rodeo The Ritz
15-Aug-85 Squeeze / The Truth The Pier
16-Aug-85 Squeeze / The Hooters / The Truth The Pier
31-Aug-85 R.E.M. / The Three O’Clock Radio City Music Hall
17-Sep-85 Alex Chilton / Raunch Hands / Fred McGryer / Toymen Irving Plaza
23-Sep-85 Sting Radio City Music Hall
11-Oct-85 The Lyres / The Chesterfield Kings Irving Plaza
26-Oct-85 The Minutemen / Live Skull Irving Plaza
31-Oct-85 Red Hot Chili Peppers / Fishbone The Ritz
9-Nov-85 The Outlets / Miracle Legion / Maximum America Folk City
23-Nov-85 A.P.B. / Nicholas Tremulis The Ritz
7-Dec-85 The Untouchables / Crimes of Passion Irving Plaza
14-Dec-85 Xmal Deutschland The World
2-Jan-86 Joe Jackson / Persian Gulf S.O.B.’s
10-Jan-86 Sonic Youth / The Necros / Das Damen Irving Plaza
17-Jan-86 The Residents The Ritz
12-Feb-86 Butthole Surfers CBGB’s
15-Feb-86 Live Skull The Kitchen
21-Feb-86 The Fleshtones / The Stingers Mocan (Wesleyan, CT)
28-Feb-86 Beat Rodeo / Persian Gulf Haverford Hall, PA
1-Mar-86 The Fall / Raunch Hands Irving Plaza
14-Mar-86 Jesus & Mary Chain / Vulcan Death Grip The Ritz
22-Mar-86 The Long Ryders / Fetchin’ Bones / The Right Profile The Ritz
12-Apr-86 Hüsker Dü / Dwight Yoakam Irving Plaza
19-Apr-86 Butthole Surfers / Hose Irving Plaza
23-May-86 Swans / Ritual Tension The Ritz
13-Jun-86 Dinosaurs CBGB’s
14-Jun-86 Einstürzende Neubauten The Cat Club
21-Jun-86 The Replacements The Ritz
13-Jul-86 Live Skull / Volcano Sun / The Great Plane CBGB’s
26-Jul-86 Sonic Youth / Tar Babies / Gone CBGB’s
1-Aug-86 The Cramps / The Screaming Blue Messiahs The Ritz
6-Aug-86 The Smiths / Phranc The Pier
8-Aug-86 The Smiths / Phranc Smith Center (GWU, Washington, DC)
25-Aug-86 Butthole Surfers The Cat Club
17-Sep-86 The Dead Milkmen / Screaming Broccoli / The Switch The Border (Burlington, VT)
3-Dec-86 7 Seconds / Screaming Broccoli The Border (Burlington, VT)
27-Dec-86 Bad Brains / S.N.F.U. / Warzone / Leeway / Nausea The Ritz
3-Jan-87 Big Black / Killdozer / Happy Flowers / Pussy Galore CBGB’s
7-Feb-87 Camper van Beethoven / Throwing Muses Mocan (Wesleyan, CT)
14-Feb-87 Peter Murphy / Golden Dawn The Ritz
26-Mar-87 Hüsker Dü / Christmas The Ritz
1-Apr-87 Butthole Surfers / Red Kross The Ritz
13-Jul-87 Live Skull / Salem 66 CBGB’s
28-Jul-87 Butthole Surfers / Nice Strong Arms The Cat Club
16-Aug-87 D.O.A. / F.O.D. CBGB’s
22-Aug-87 Los Lobos / The Smithereens The Pier
6-Oct-87 R.E.M. / 10,000 Maniacs Radio City Music Hall
17-Oct-87 Hüsker Dü / The Wygals The Ritz
31-Oct-87 Murphy’s Law / Underdog Irving Plaza
Pere Ubu / Firehose / Miracle Legion The Ritz
12-Dec-87 Butthole Surfers / Lightning Strike / Raging Slab / Xmas The Ritz
9-Jan-88 Live Skull / White Zombie / Blind Idiot God CBGB’s
30-Jan-88 Swans / From Here to Eternity CBGB’s
25-Mar-88 Pussy Galore / Laughing Hyenas Maxwell’s
13-May-88 Swans / Hugho Largo / Arto Lindsay Irving Plaza
20-May-88 Miracle Legion / Alice Donuts CBGB’s
27-May-88 Bad Brains / Murphy’s Law / Token Entry The Ritz
24-Jun-88 Sonic Youth CBGB’s
30-Jun-88 Butthole Surfers / G War The Ritz
15-Aug-88 INXS / Ziggy Marley & the Melody Makers Nassau Coliseum
29-Oct-88 Jane’s Addiction The World
5-Nov-88 Living Colour / Royal Crescent Mob The Ritz
11-Nov-88 Los Lobos Carnegie Hall
19-Nov-88 Butthole Surfers / The Nils The Ritz
10-Dec-88 Pylon / Lucinda Williams / Lotion The Palladium
14-Dec-88 Jane’s Addiction / Psycho Sluts from Hell The Cat Club
10-Feb-89 Nick Cave / Wolfgang Press The Ritz
25-Feb-89 Jane’s Addiction / Demolition Man L’Amour’s
14-Mar-89 R.E.M. / Robyn Hitchcock Oakland Coliseum (Oakland, CA)
28-Mar-89 N.Y. Citizens / The Toasters / The Press / The A-Kings Barnard
11-Aug-89 The B-52’s / Royal Crescent Mob The Palladium
10-Aug-89 Living Colour / Stevie Ray Vaughn / Boogie Down Productions Beacon Theatre
22-Sep-89 Bad Brains / Leeway / Planet Dread The New Ritz
27-Sep-89 Love & Rockets / Pere Ubu / Died Pretty The New Ritz
28-Sep-89 The Toasters / The Scofflaws Rapp Arts Center
10-Nov-89 The Buzzcocks / Lunachicks The New Ritz
12-Nov-89 Red Hot Chili Peppers / Fresh Young Fellows / Original Sins L’Amour’s
15-Dec-89 The Ramones / Blitzspeer The New Ritz
15-Jun-90 The B-52’s / Pylon Orange County Fair
22-Jun-90 Cromags / Biohazard / Warzone L’Amours
15-Jul-90 Modern English The Palladium
27-Nov-90 Aztec Camera Capitol Theater, Port Chester
30-Nov-90 The Pixies The New Ritz
10-Mar-91 Sting / Elton John / Ten Bears Carnegie Hall
30-Jun-91 Los Lobos Summerstage, Central Park
10-Jul-91 Morrissey Jones Beach
18-Jul-91 Violent Femmes / John Wesley Harding Beacon Theatre
9-Aug-91 The Samples / Bim Skala Bim The Marquee
5-Sep-91 Sting / Special Beat Madison Square Garden
12-Dec-91 Paul Weller The Ritz
20-Dec-91 Metallica Nassau Coliseum
12-Dec-91 Lloyd Cole / members of The Go-Betweens The Academy
29-Dec-91 The Ramones The Ritz
10-Jan-92 Ned’s Atomic Dustbin / The Rats The Academy
18-Feb-92 Siouxsee & the Banshees / The Wonderstuff The Ritz
28-Feb-92 Teenage Fanclub The Marquee
27-Mar-92 Ride London Brixton Academy
12-Apr-92 Pearl Jam / 11 The Limelight
9-May-92 Soundgarden Roseland
8-Jul-92 The Beautiful South The Ritz
23-Oct-92 Sugar The Academy
11-Nov-92 Megadeath / Suicidal Tendencies The Ritz
20-Nov-92 Soul Asylum / The Lemonheads The Academy
24-Nov-92 Alice in Chains Roseland
28-Nov-92 Matthew Sweet The Academy
19-Dec-92 Ice T & Bodycount / D.R.I. L’Amours
7-May-93 Sugar Roseland
9-Jun-93 Sting / Dada The Paramount
8-Jul-93 Peter Gabriel Meadowlands Arena
28-Oct-93 Jimmie Dale Gilmore The Ballroom
14-Nov-93 Nirvana / (missed: The Breeders / Half-Japanese) New York Coliseum
8-Jun-94 Elvis Costello & the Attractions / Crash Test Dummies Summerstage
18-Jun-94 Soundgarden / 11 The Armory
7-Jul-94 Phil Collins Madison Square Garden
16-Jul-94 WOMAD Jones Beach
15-May-95 R.E.M. / (missed: Sonic Youth) Shoreline Amphitheatre (Mountain View, CA)
30-Oct-95 The Beautiful South / Dog’s Eye View Great American Music Hall (San Francisco, CA)
3-Jan-97 Mandy Patinkin Orpheum Theatre (San Francisco, CA)
1-Jun-97 U2 Giants Stadium
31-Aug-97 Los Lobos Sausalito Arts Festival (Sausalito, CA)
15-Oct-97 Fleetwood Mac Shoreline Amphitheatre (Mountain View, CA)
8-Aug-98 Storm & Her Dirty Mouth Sweetwater (Mill Valley, CA)
5-Sep-98 Todd Rundgren Sausalito Arts Festival (Sausalito, CA)
27-Oct-98 Semisonic / Guster The Fillmore (San Francisco, CA)
2-Aug-99 The Beautiful South The Supper Club
4-Sep-99 R.E.M. (Patti Smith appearance) Jones Beach
6-Feb-00 “Weird Al” Yankovic Beacon Theatre
12-Sep-00 Sting Central Park
21-Oct-00 The Beautiful South Roseland
3-Jul-03 Foo Fighters Hammerstein Ballroom
4-Oct-03 R.E.M. Madison Square Garden
15-Feb-04 Bob Dorough Iridium Jazz Club
8-Jul-04 Laurie Berkner Madison Square Park
13-Jul-04 Prince Madison Square Garden
29-Oct-04 Glenn Tilbrook & The Fluffers / The Smithereens / Marshall Crenshaw / Graham Parker Irving Plaza
4-Nov-04 R.E.M. Madison Square Garden
2-Jul-05 James Taylor & Band Jones Beach
13-Jul-05 Carole King Radio City Music Hall
20-Jul-05 The Doobie Brothers Westbury Music Fair
23-Jul-05 Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers / (missed: The Black Crowes) Ford Pavillion at Montage Mountain (Scranton, PA)
9-Aug-05 Huey Lewis and the News Westbury Music Fair
1-Sep-05 Green Day Giants Stadium
3-Sep-05 Coldplay PNC Bank Arts Center (Holmdel, NJ)
24-Sep-05 White Stripes / The Shins Keyspan Park, Coney Island
4-Oct-05 Paul McCartney Madison Square Garden
7-Oct-05 U2 / Keane Madison Square Garden
25-Feb-06 Billy Joel Madison Square Garden
4-Mar-06 Hall & Oates Beacon Theatre
25-Mar-06 Coldplay / Richard Ashcroft Continental Arena, Meadowlands
17-Nov-06 Robyn Hitchcock & The Venus 3 / (missed: Mark Pickerel) Hiro Ballroom
1-Aug-07 The Police / Fiction Plane Madison Square Garden
3-Aug-07 The Police / Fiction Plane Madison Square Garden
5-Aug-07 The Police / The Fratellis Giants Stadium
7-Aug-07 Squeeze / Fountains of Wayne Westbury Music Fair
29-Feb-08 The English Beat / RX Bandits The Fillmore at Irving Plaza
21-May-08 The English Beat / Born In The Flood Maxwell’s
13-Jul-08 The English Beat / The Fixx The Fillmore at Irving Plaza
7-Aug-08 The Police / The B-52’s Madison Square Garden
14-Nov-08 The English Beat / Barry and the Penetrators Mexicali Live (Teaneck, NJ)
3-Dec-08 Vampire Weekend Terminal 5
13-May-09 An Evening With The English Beat To Benefit The 5P- Society Maxwell’s
27-May-09 Unwigged & Unplugged (Elvis Costello appearance) Beacon Theatre
27-Jun-09 Klimpter The Bell House
3-Oct-09 Brandi Carlile / Katie Herzig Beacon Theatre
22-Nov-09 The English Beat Mexicali Live
21-Apr-10 The Specials Terminal 5
28-Jul-10 Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers / (missed: Buddy Guy) Madison Square Garden
19-Aug-10 The B-52s / Belinda Carlisle Asser-Levy Seaside Park
5-Nov-10 Bob Mould / Marshall Crenshaw City Winery
9-Dec-10 The English Beat The Bell House
15-Dec-10 The English Beat Maxwell’s
3-Sep-11 The English Beat Maxwell’s
28-Apr-12 Squeeze / The English Beat Roseland Ballroom
18-Oct-12 “Weird Al” Yankovic Westbury Music Fair
13-Nov-12 Madonna (PSY appearance) / Martin Solveig Madison Square Garden
30-Apr-13 The English Beat City Winery
18-Jun-13 The English Beat City Winery’s backyard
8-Jul-13 The English Beat City Winery
21-Jul-13 The English Beat The Stephen Talkhouse
30-Jul-13 Barenaked Ladies / Ben Folds Five / (missed: Guster / Boothby Graffoe) Prospect Park Bandshell
10-Apr-15 Young Fathers / Mas Ysa / (missed: Glass Gang) Music Hall of Williamsburg
10-Mar-16 New Order / ZGRT Radio City Music Hall
15-Jul-16 Miracle Legion / EZTV The Bell House
18-Aug-19 Ringo Starr And His All Starr Band The Rooftop at Pier 17

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